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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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By heywhathuh
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Selling the following:

Plants, all sent bare-root:

P. Gina $11

P. gigantea x moranensis 10$ sold out for now!

P. moranensis 'A' 11$ sold out for now!

P. gypsicola 30$

P. aphrodite 11$

P. pirouette 12$

P. cyclosecta $11

P. moranensis var. caudata $15

P. Sethos $10


D. capensis 2$ a bag

D. natalensis 2$ a bag

P. caerulea 5$ a bag

Mimosa pudica (not carnivorous but still very cool) 1$ for 5 seeds

Ping photos: (I definitely missed some, so PM me if you want to see a specific plant)

Shipping is a flat 5$ for plants, if you only want seeds it's 2$ or free with a SASE. I will include a heatpack for free, unless you live somewhere that's very hot right now. Shipping is USA only.

All payments via PayPal 'friends and family' unless you can trade me a Ping I don't have (my growlist is in my signature)

Thanks for reading!

Edit: pirouette photos: (only the top one in the second photo)
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By Proudfather77
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Pinguicula moranensis A, and Moranensis x Gigantea.jpg
Pinguicula moranensis A, and Moranensis x Gigantea.jpg (345.37 KiB) Viewed 459 times
Really Happy with my

P. gigantea x moranensis
P. moranensis 'A'

Pkd great and went right into heavy washed, filtered, baked sand/peat mix I will update with Turface after they get going.
Came out of the box looking green and healthy - Thanks Adam!

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