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By mo_carnivore
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Joined:  Thu Jun 23, 2016 6:20 pm
All my gemmae are going to rapidly lose their viability very soon, so I'm trying to get as many out to other growers as possible. Now 20 gemmae per $5 pack, and if you get more than 5 packs you get 10% off the entire purchase. $4.00 shipping no matter the size of the order. I'm only going to continue this sale until next Sunday, so get 'em fast! PM me if interested. Thank!

I have for sale:
D. dichrosepala
D. ‘Dorks Pink’
D. nitudula
D. nitudula x pulchella
D. palacea
D. pulchella "Pink Flower (or potentially omissa x pulchella)
D. scorpioides
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By Jeeper
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Mo has excellent gammae! I bought 2 packs last time and have 20+ little palacea growing vigorously!

Reminds me I need to see if I can get any gammae off my plants yet...
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Prolly just shock from being in a new environment.

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