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By HeliamphoraWalnut
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Up for grabs is a couple of plants I need to part with to make room. :(
Heliamphora heterdoxa, clump of at least 4 growth points
8B8A5571-F473-4E1A-8B38-DF5840627DE7.jpeg (2.3 MiB) Viewed 407 times
900A5CE7-A186-48F0-9F00-94A82D7C0E1A.jpeg (2.64 MiB) Viewed 407 times
Nepenthes veitchii $38, lowland
5239CE52-9C2C-455E-832C-713C83FCAA18.jpeg (627.35 KiB) Viewed 407 times
Nepenthes ampullaria speckled $36
FC377920-6137-482C-92C8-66C8255351E9.jpeg (609.59 KiB) Viewed 407 times

Shipping is $8 priority, plants shipped potted
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