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By HobbyGirl18
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Joined:  Tue Apr 24, 2018 3:06 am

I am a new member of this wonderful forum. I have learned a lot of very useful information already and finally decided to join.
For me the most fascinating is to grow a plant from a seed, or leaf, or tissue I just love to creat a new life plant.
I am relatively new to growing a cp, but I am not afraid of the challenge and apparently I like one of the most difficult plants to grow - Heliamphora minor. Apparently it’s impossible to find a reliable retailer who would sell legitimate Heli seeds. I ordered the seeds from a well known cp nursery on-line and they sent me fake seeds! I am not even talking about ordering the seeds from China, one time I got a cactus seeds instead of Heli.

I would really appreciate if somebody could sell me some seeds of Heli minor or a cross.
Thank you.
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By nimbulan
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Joined:  Fri Feb 28, 2014 9:03 pm
There's two reasons why nobody really sells these.

Firstly, it's difficult to produce seeds in the first place due to the flowers being very stubborn about releasing pollen, and the timing required to pollinate. Common clones may be sterile as well.

Secondly, the shelf life of the seeds is said to be quite short so people tend to just immediately sow the seeds themselves.

I would highly recommend starting with a small plant and trying to find seeds (or produce your own) later. Good luck.
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By HobbyGirl18
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Joined:  Tue Apr 24, 2018 3:06 am
Thank you, nimbulan, for your response. I already have a little tiny Heli in my possession and I hope, one day, to get a flower from it and I wanted to have a different “blood” to mix in for a pollination. And I just absolutely love to grow a plant from the seeds.
Thank you!
By HobbyGirl18
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Joined:  Tue Apr 24, 2018 3:06 am
While you're waiting for the Heli, have you checked out our seedbank?

Yes, I have checked the seedbank, but too late, unfortunately I already ordered through the different websites a few different kinds of Drosera’s seeds :roll: . I even experiment with the Cephalotus follicularis seeds as well, some are in the fridge for a few weeks and some are under the light. Hopefully some of them will germinate.
Thank you for your reply.
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