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By David F
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I have loads of capensis that I'm wanting to sell. Most of these plants will be small to medium sized plants. I want to sell these to make room, and give them some breathing room. For that reason I'm making a minimum order of 20$. Prices reflect the plant's average size, rarity, and how many I have.

These need new homes!

Shipping will be 7.80$, unless I determine that we should use a larger box, and all payments will be accepted through paypal only.

D. capensis "Typical" (Kostov's Giant), I'd like to keep these nice large plants but I simply have too many in the same small pot-- 8$
D. capensis "Narrow Leaf" California Carnivores clone that I have TOOO many of --7$
D. capensis "Gifberg" or "All Red" 5-7$ depending on size.
D. capensis "alba"-- 7$
D. capensis "Big Pink" --11$ (medium sized plants, limited quantity)
D. capensis "Wideleaf" California Carnivores clones-- 7$
D. capensis "Wideleaf" x "Big Pink" --8$ (you will receive a couple baby plants)
D. capensis "Robustini Velkoveta" (interesting squat wideleafed form") 9$
D. capensis "Triffid Rose"--15$
D. capensis "Montague pass" --14$
D. capensis "Typical" --6$

I also have these capensis seeds, there's usually 50-100 seeds per pack unless otherwise noted!

Drosera capensis "Typical" --6$
Drosera capensis 'Albino' --6$
Drosera capensis ("Wideleaf" x "Big Pink") x self--11$
Drosera capensis "Big Pink" --6$
Drosera capensis "Hairy" (around 15 seeds)--7$
Drosera capensis "Wideleaf" (Best clone) 8$

My crowded pots!
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