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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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By David F
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Hey guys, still got a lot of packs up for sale before I restock, reorder and reorganize. Have at it! Packets will have 30-50 seeds unless otherwise noted. Will be very limited availability on some of these, so check in with me!

African non-rosettes:

Drosera regia 9$/10 seeds
Drosera capensis "Hairy" 7$ (around 15 seeds)
Drosera capensis ("Wideleaf" x "Big Pink") x self
Drosera capensis "Giant" 6$ (limited)
Drosera capensis "All red"
Drosera capensis "Wideleaf" (Best clone out there)
Drosera capensis "Big Pink"

Spatulate Drosera:

Drosera spatulata "Gympiensis" 7$
Drosera spatulata "Beenak, Victoria Australia" 6$
Drosera spatulata 'Tamlin' 6$
Drosera spatulata "White flowered form" 5$
Drosera sp. "Lantau Island" 5$

African rosettes:
Drosera natalensis 5$
Drosera 'Tom Turpin" 4.50$


Drosera finlaysoniana 6$

Shipping will be .80$ for a letter envelope with padding, and payment will be through paypal. Please pm me or email me at
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