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By Fly Trap Hunter
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Joined:  Fri Jun 30, 2017 3:56 am
The d. petiolaris Parodoxa hybrid has arrived safely and is sharing a container with my d. capensis. it seems to be very happy and healthy. I wonder how long you have had it because it has 100 dead or dying flowers down below? (I'm not complaining. its called Haystack. :lol: )And I also wonder if it put out flowers and seeds? it has a few hard stems that seem different. I cut 2 off and stuck them in the ground, along with some other flowers. lets see if we get strikes.
its a very pretty plant. it looks like red sunflowers.

Thanks so much for the
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giveaway! :D
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By evenwind
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Glad you like it. You actually counted all the old leaves!? You've got more patience than I do!

Anyhow, I don't specifically recall it flowering but it probably did. It was in a tray of a lot of different droseras and it seemed like there was always a couple of flower stems sticking up. Truthfully, I didn't pay much attention to the flowers as I wasn't planning to try for seeds, and they only last for 15 seconds anyway. I suspect those "hard stems" you found are old flower stems. Good luck with seeds but remember it's an unknown hybrid, so it could easily be sterile.
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