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By pokie22
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Sarracenia Seed Sales List 2017

Attached is my final seed list of 2017.

Let me preface this by saying that in previous years, I had simply purchased seeds from other growers; my main focus was on Cephalotus and Heliamphora crosses. However, after growing out Sarracenia seeds from other notable growers, I discovered a few years down the line that the progeny did not resemble the parents. WTF!!! How could one be so sloppy? Hence, I set out to make crosses on a larger scale this year. All blooming plants were housed in my greenhouse away from natural pollinators and in the absence of air current during pollination. They were detained there until the oxidation of the stigmas signifying the end of the receptive period. 20 micron mesh was used to cover all windows and air current was kept to an absolute minimum.

I intend to keep most of my harvest and many of the crosses I will only sell one batch. What can I say? I LOVE BABIES!! First come, first serve. Shipping is $4 and all seeds come packaged in crushproof microcentrifuge tubes :).
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