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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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Congratulations to the winners. Thanks for Entering/Playing. Winning numbers generated at PM me your addresses and how you will pay shipping. I have paypal. btw 13 was the 1st number generated and happens to be my favorite bestest number in the world.

1.13 Heywhathuh 1st FTS Purple Ambush
2.22 Rivieraxvx 2nd FTS Purple Ambush
3.4 PitbulMom Adult Sawtooth
4.17 Ironcore21 Young Sawtooth
5.18 Rammplins Adult typical
6.20 Wickiwakawakawi Adult Typical

1. FLTropical - thanks!
2. Raistlarn- thank you
3.sharkjaws-thanksfor oppurtunity
4.Rachelle Williams)PitBulMom)- Thank You!!
5.saltyop - so many giveaways all the sudden wew
6. KK Thanks for the chance
7. Orit - thank you!!
8.Mccam302- Thank You!
9. Alan - Great giveaway! Thanks
10. mo_carnivore-thanks!
11. HeliamWalnut thanks for the chance!
12. Fieldofscreams
13. HeyWhatHuh - thank you!
14. Bhart90
15. Mawy_Plants - Many thanks!
16. Pooparella- Thank you!
17. Ironcore21-
18. Rammplins- Thank you!
19. jcroyle
20. wikiwakawakawee - Thanks yo
21. Huntsmanshorn - Cool, thanks
22. RiveraXVX late to the game but here I am! thanks!!
23. Hollyhock...great giveaway
24. Vsw211-TY, I Probly don't deserve this
25. UnbracingCube - Woot! Thanks!
26. mouthstofeed crossing my tentacles!
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