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By mikefallen13
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Hello all!

As it will be getting too cold to ship safely fairly soon, and I have some bills that need to be paid, I've decided to let these plants go. I was going to keep these for my personal collection, all are completely established and growing vigorously. You will be receiving the exact plant pictured! I will ship these via USPS priority mail for a flat $8 no matter how many plants you purchase. Payment will be via PayPal, PLEASE use the Friends/Family option OR send enough to cover the transaction fees. Thanks for looking, and feel free to shoot me a PM if youre interested!

*I WILL NOT RESPOND TO RIDICULOUS/LOWBALL OFFERS! Don't waste my time or yours, I don't want your capensis or ventrata! It's unfortunate I even have to write this but I'm tired of getting bombarded with completely unreasonable offers!

Nepenthes hamata (AW Clone 2) ~SOLD~
Image20170930_120515 by Mike Fallen, on Flickr

Image20170930_120510 by Mike Fallen, on Flickr

Nepenthes dubia (AW Malea, Sumatra) ~SOLD~
Image20170930_120721(0) by Mike Fallen, on Flickr

Image20170930_120712 by Mike Fallen, on Flickr

Nepenthes pitopangii (AW Ivory Form) ~$100~
Image20170930_155321 by Mike Fallen, on Flickr

Image20170930_155317 by Mike Fallen, on Flickr
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