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By twitterglitter
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Joined:  Tue Feb 28, 2017 9:44 pm
alanmota2004 wrote:Can we just put this all behind us and move on or do I have to publicaly say I'm sorry because I am

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I'm not trying to light a fire here, but I am going to give a lesson on integrity. It would be in you best interest to apologise publicly. Not posed as a question, but a real "I'm sorry" with no and's, if's or but's about it. Own your mistakes like a mature person would and follow it up by stopping the behaviour that got you into this situation.

This forum was created to help each other. Not to cut each other down, or to be rude. Stupidity and ignorance are completely different things. Ignorance simply means you haven't learned something yet. I have seen a couple of your posts where you are treating people like they are stupid, that is not what this place is about. Think before you post.

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By PetroleumJunkie412
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alanmota2004 wrote:Can we just put this all behind us and move on or do I have to publicaly say I'm sorry because I am

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I mean, I lol'd. I figured it was a bit of ribbing.

And, uh, isn't cloning plants essentially biological bootlegging? :lol:

Either way. Pretty difficult to offend me. This is the internet afterall.

Thanks to all that chimed in. Proves how effective this community is at sticking up for each other. One more reason I love this hobby.
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By alanmota2004
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True that I wasn't even upset because I didnt win I kinda got a bit. Annoyed at seeing this post all the time in my feed and some the thing the other members said about me were pretty hurtful but I was my fault for putting almost everyone down

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By Shadowtski
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AB, I've told you privately, now I'll tell you publicly, the Forum and community will miss you. You're an excellent grower who respects other experienced growers.

You've been one of the strongest supporters of the FTC Community Seedbank. The odds are good that people who received seed from the seedbank, got some you donated. I personally and the seedbank will miss you.

When we start growing, we're all in that lowest quartile of the Dunning Kruger group. Our perceived competence is far far greater than our actual skill. This leads to errors of overconfidence and sometimes even arrogance. Even if we don't say anything, we've all been guilty of thinking we're better than we actually are. I used to think I was a pretty good CP grower. Experience has humbled me and shown that I am an almost adequate intermediate grower.

Sorry for the tangential sidetrack.

AB, aka Fishman, I respect your decision to leave, but I hope you do decide to return in the future.

Good growing, my friend,
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