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By David F
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Joined:  Sun Jan 02, 2011 8:41 pm
Hello everyone, I hope everyone is sufficiently hyped on Drosera capensis, I know I'm feeling some good vibes with Mike's recent Wideleafed Bains Kloof post, I have some seed available for trade or sale from the following plants (Only the most select/representative clones of each will be considered for seed stock)

These will be for those who are willing to experiment and are patient and have a love for Drosera capensis, there may be some gems in here. I would sow them myself I promise you, but space is running very thin at the moment.

Each packet will be made upon request, and will include the entire contents of the flower 9$ each shipping included.

Drosera capensis from "Volgegat National Reserve" seed-- I am sure this stock is legit! (3 available)
Drosera capensis, "Broadleaf" burgandy tentacle wideleaf with nice elegant form, but stays small. (2 available)
Drosera capensis ("Big Pink" x selfed) x selfed, (AKA F2) "Red leafed form" (1 available)
Drosera capensis ('Albino' x "Big Pink")x selfed, Albino/white flower form (2 available)
Drosera capensis from near "Bain's Kloof pass, South Africa" a diminutive form with thin leaves, lower to the ground. (1)
Drosera capensis "Gifberg" x self (1)
Drosera capensis "Most vigorous typical" -- probably a new giant cultivar, from a Giant plant of Petar Kostov-- Kostov's Giant? (1)

So to explain some of the crosses, and what exactly you're getting--

Drosera capensis ("Big Pink" x selfed) x selfed, (AKA F2) "Red leafed form" is a plant I grew from "Big Pink", for all intents and purposes it appears to be a "Red leafed plant" growing at a normal pace. The progeny of "Big Pink" are well formed and healthy "All red" and some 'Albino' plants, hence this plant is a red child of "Big Pink" which has produced seeds for me. I'm sorry if that's confusing. Think Big Pink's red grandchild. Who knows, you may get something weird from this seed set.

Drosera capensis ('Albino' x "Big Pink")xself Albino/white flowered form is a plant I grew from pollinating 'Albino' with "Big Pink", which resulted in both redish and 'Albino' plants. This plant may or may not have "Big Pink" genes in it-- hard to tell when the babies are albino like their mother, however you may get something weird/red from this seed set.

Coming soon--
Drosera capensis ("Wideleaf [Meadowview clone]" x "Big Pink")xself
Drosera capensis ('Albino' x "Big Pink"), red leaf/red flowered form
Drosera capensis "Wideleaf" California Carnivores SG x self
Drosera capensis "Narrow leaf" (with hints of red) SG x self
DSC_0724.JPG (542.03 KiB) Viewed 798 times
DSC_0730.JPG (752.88 KiB) Viewed 798 times
By David F
Posts:  1649
Joined:  Sun Jan 02, 2011 8:41 pm
fattytuna wrote:How large does the Volgegat plant get?

The "Volgegat NR" plant gets quite large actually! It's sort of a slightly hair, gangly, wide-ish leafed monster.




Jakub Stepan for photo credit.
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