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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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By WolframOmega
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Joined:  Wed Jun 10, 2015 8:20 pm
Hi all,

So as we now know, Dieter Kadereit of will not be selling tubers this year, and likely will not next year as well (due to personal work). Do any of you guys have any other sources for buying tuberous and winter-growing drosera, overseas or otherwise? It might be interesting to even look at the idea of someone organizing a group order. Thanks,

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By nimbulan
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Joined:  Fri Feb 28, 2014 9:03 pm
There are European TC labs that sell a few species, but generally the only international source is Allen Lowrie, who apparently will not provide a phytosanitary certificate (basically all shipments from him are illegal.)
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By nimbulan
Posts:  2076
Joined:  Fri Feb 28, 2014 9:03 pm
CC generally only sells rupicola, ramellosa, zigzagia, indumenta, hookeri, and possibly one other. They also have D. cistiflora purple flower. I haven't seen them list any other winter-growing plants besides a quite expensive D. cistiflora red flower in the past couple years.

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