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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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By hollyhock
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Well the last auction went well and the plants are on the way to the winner KK.
I would like to thank Matt for giving permission for auction style postings. I think it's a great way for forum members to add plants to their collection. Bidding is fun. :D

Don't worry Hollyhock has a giveaway planned really soon... :D

So here's the rules again for this auction.
The auction will run for 3 days...
Starting today and ends Thursday at 2:30pm EST
It's open to members with at least 10 posts and 3 thank you's..
U.S. only.. winner of the auction agrees to pay shipping ... Probably $7 USPS priority.
You bid by replying to this thread with an amount in dollars. Example you would reply with $ and the amount you are bidding. Please keep the increments in whole dollars. If someone bids $1 to beat that bid you would bid $2. Simple..
And that's it.
Please do not have comments so it's easier to see the amount that's bid.
Any bids received after 2:30 pm EST on Thursday will be void..
Want to know what your bidding on?
This beautiful fully rooted and growing H.Minor. These are juvenile pitchers. Here's a chance to add something new to your collection.
So who will start the bidding...?
Who will win? H.minor
Who will win? H.minor
IMG_20170213_133619.jpg (609.52 KiB) Viewed 1193 times
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By Adelaide
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Nice plant! Hollyhock, you are so generous and friendly and I really appreciate that about you, as I'm sure others do as well.

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SASE should be mailed out today. Thanks!

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