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By KissMegan
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Hi everyone! Gemmae for sale, limited quantities left! Shipping is $2.95 in a padded envelope. I will combine shipping for more than one pack of gemmae. If you buy more than 25 dollars of gemmae shipping is free. I only accept PayPal. Photos are in order of species.
D. enodes 7.00
D. occidentalis ssp occidentalis “Beermullah” 5.00
D. roseana 6.00
D. paleacea “Giant Form” 6.00
D. mannii x callistos 6.00
D. x “Dork’s Pink” 6.00
D. patens 7.00
D. leucostigma (crested) 7.00
D. occidentalis ssp. Australis “Warriup” 5.00
Contact me with questions!
ImageD. enodes
Image D. occidentalis ssp occidentalis "Beermullah"
ImageD. roseana
Image D. paleacea "Giant form"
Image D. mannii x callistos
ImageD. patens
Image D. leucostigma "Crested"
Image D. occidentalis ssp australis "Warriup"

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