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By lowsmurf
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Trying to get ahold of some drosera filiformis or drosera tracyi seeds. Or really any other sundews that are Zone 8 (Western Oregon). Apparently the drosera i got a while back is drosera capensis and won't survive the winter outdoors. Spent a big chunk of change on nepenthes seeds (25 different species) recently so a bit short on cash currently to order them, but I do have LOTS of drosera capensis seeds available. Currently have about 400 capensis overwintering inside. I also have some of the monster yellow jacket catcher pitcher plant (not sure what cultivar) seeds, but not sure if they were pollinated/viable. Just broke the seed pod off and opened it a few days ago and have the seeds drying inside before I plant some to test germination in january. All my other pitcher and purpurea plants wont be producing seed until later this year.

Also would like to get ahold of one or two non-typical venus fly trap seeds as well. If there's anyone close by in Oregon I do have a few nepenthes sp. clones currently available also. They've only been rooted a few months now so wouldnt feel comfortable trying to ship them.
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