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By Nancy
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Hi folks,
Getting crunched for growing space so time for me to move some ceph's out. I'm letting go of the smallest pots first. All are typical, cloned divisions, mother plant was purchased from FTS several years ago. I grow these indoors under T5 ho lights in normal household winter time humidity. Currently growing in 4"x3" pots in a mix of 50/50 peat sand with lots of new growth emerging. Any white residue seen on the pitchers/leaves is from Daconil.

I will be sending these out bare root only, wrapped in moist paper towels and well padded. Please do not ask me to send them potted as the mix is very crumbly/loose, these are not small plants and shipping potted will only destroy the roots!
Pots C, D are $60 each

Price of plant plus USPS priority shipping from my zip of 53158. Box weight will be approx. 1 lb for 1 plant
I only accept paypal as a form of payment, shipping to USA addresses only
Please indicate which plant your interested in (C D) when you PM me. :)
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By Earthy
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Hopefully my cephs will grow up to look like that lol...
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