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By bvalente
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So now living in New Jersey I am fortunate enough to keep my VFT outside all year round unlike I could in Michigan. So this brings me to my next idea: since I have an LED growlight (puts out some good coloration and light 8-) ) I want to get some Ceph and Sarracenia to throw under it. I have been keeping my U. sandersonii outside for about a month but now the 40s and 50s weather I don't think it likes much and it did better under the light so that is what got me thinking :lol:

Not particular in the type of Sarracenia, I just want them to be good growing under LED and a normal indoor temp/humidity as well as the Ceph until I move them back outside in the spring/summer. I want my Uric to have some friends under the purple monster (LED growlight :lol: )

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