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By Greasy
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Joined:  Sat Aug 22, 2015 8:04 pm
Mufasa wrote:Just a little contribution... i know a couple sellers in AUS who raise plants from seed, find the seedlings most like the parents, and sell them as the cultivar name, with a message in the comments saying "this is seed grown"
it's mainly because it's just so costly to import cultivars into australia... it's a little misleading, but i think it's the best we could get.
Oh ew, that is really pretty bad practice. The person who they sell it will probably recognize it as the cultivar's name. And pass it along as such. What they should really be doing is selling it as something along the lines as for example: S. alata 'Night' x Self, or S. alata 'Night' x S. alata dark clone, S. alata 'Night' x Sibling etc. They need to make it clear in the name that it is not a cultivar, comments are easily forgotten. This is how fake stuff starts circulating, please DO NOT be a part of it, it becomes a real headache for people who ends ups with these.

You can read more about mass and his "buisness practice" here for anyone interested: ... edit?pli=1

For one reason or another it doesn't seem like he has made it to these boards yet, he is on the others ones tho.
By Morpheus
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cbennett4041 wrote:After a bit of easy research I found that the eBay seller fingers001 is located in Virginia. Travis "Mass" Kotke is located in Michigan. I deduce they are not the same.

I prepose that we restrain our propendancy to libel with limited information. OP's original assertion is concerning, but the seller in question has near 100% feedback and evidently successfully completed transactions with members here. Innocent in my esteem, though perhaps misguided or commercially slanted.

Kotke, a.k.a. Mass, earned a reputation for shady dealings on other carnivorous plant and arachnid forums. He even hosed several on Facebook evidently. Either way, definitely not fingers001.
That's definitely good to know. I don't have too much knowledge about him since he was just starting to get banned everywhere when I first started this hobby. Glad you were able to clear that up for us! Granted I may not like the practices that Fingers001 enlists, but it would be unfair to give him/her that label mistakenly.
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