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By Dionae
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Joined:  Tue Nov 09, 2010 3:03 am
What up peeps!? Its that time of year! Been harvesting seeds like crazy and have a few hybrids for sale. Packs are $5 for 20+ seeds. Shipping is $.99 no matter how many packs you want. Email me at for orders. Ill be listing packs as i harvest so check back often.


Green purpurea x red leucophylla
flava var maxima x "Leigha Simone"
flava var maxima x 'Leah Wilkerson'
flava var maxima x self
(oreophila x Leah Wilkerson) x Leigha Simone
(oreophila x Leah Wilkerson) x Leah Wilkerson
purpurea x purpurea montana
purpurea x (Flava var atropurpurea x flava var ornata-red clone)
(oreophila x Leah Wilkerson) x flava var maxima
alata x (flava var atropurpurea x flava var ornata-red clone)
(Brunswick Beauty x purpurea venosa) x purpurea montana
purpurea x Blood Moon
purpurea x red leucophylla
[(rubra x oreophila) x purpurea burkeii] x Leah Wilkerson
Purpurea hybrid-Mohawk x (flava var atropurpurea x flava var ornata-red clone)
Green purpurea x purpurea montana
Mohawk x Green moorei
Mohawk x red leucophylla
(flava var atropurpurea x flava var ornata-Big Lemon) x Leah Wilkerson
Mohawk x Adrian Slack
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By Morpheus
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Joined:  Wed Dec 25, 2013 4:19 am
Oh man ou have nice nice crosses up! That purp x Blood Moon cross sounds really interesting! If only i had the room :(
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