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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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By hollyhock
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It is with much disappointment that I have decided to sell some of mysarracenia plants. I have determined that I cannot provide the amount of sun they need daily. They currently only get about 8 hours of full sun.I have decided to collect northern purps that are much more shade tolerant.
So here is what I have available

1. Sarracenia minor SOLD
2. Sarracenia leucophylia 24" SOLD
3. Sarracenia leucophylia green and white 1 crown SOLD
The above plants were purchased from Karen oudean willow creek CP's.
I paid $60 for all 3
4.Sarracenia flava var maxima med/lg 2 growth points SOLD
5. Sarracenia flava SOLD
These two were purchased from a member of this forum Dionae...Eric M
I paid $16
6. Sarracenia tarnok SOLD
This is a small plant I paid $5.00.

So I have 81.00 that I spent . I am asking $50 OBO for all of them. Here is a chance for newbies to expand your grow list
I will even split shipping ...PM if interested..
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