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By NatchGreyes
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Joined:  Thu Jan 23, 2014 5:17 pm
Alright, after much trial and error, I've determined that it's just not possible for me to grow Mexican Pings successfully in my climate, so I'm liquidating my collection. Below is a photo of the whole collection and a list of what I paid for each plant. Some are doing well, some are not. I'd like to get close to what I paid, but, obviously, that'll depend on the condition of the plant. Please PM me if interested in any individual plant. I'm happy to provide individual photos to seriously interested parties. (I just didn't feel like taking photos of each and every plant individually).
ANPA A - $14
ANPA C - $16
'Aphrodite' (agnata x moctezumae) - $20
agnata 'Red Leaf' - $12
agnata x 'Sethos' - $16
cyclosecta - $16
ehlersiae x oblongiloba - $20
esseriana - $16
gigantea - $20
gigantea x moctezumae - $16
'Gina' - $16
gracilis x moctezumae - $16
guatemala 3000m - $16
False 'John Rizzi' - $16
macrophylla - $25
moranensis - $16
moranensis #2 (my own designation until flowering) - $16
moranensis 'A' - $16
'Pirouette' - $16
reticulata - $16
rotundiflora - $16
'Sethos' - $12
sp. 'Kohres'- $16
sp. 'Sumidero' II - $16

By Earthy
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Joined:  Tue Oct 14, 2014 4:58 pm
ah dang it...a day late I am...missed this one. I have a ping that might not make it and was looking for another :|
By bugfood
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Joined:  Thu Aug 14, 2014 9:27 pm
What was happening with your pings to make you throw in the towel?

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