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By NatchGreyes
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Joined:  Thu Jan 23, 2014 5:17 pm
Hey All -

I've actually run out of room in my highland area. So, I'm making some hard choices and listing some of my plants for sale to try to free up some space.

N. [(lowii x veitchii) - yellow x boschiana] x [(veitchii x maxima) x veitchii] - $65


(Adult from EP's Facebook)

This has proven to be an easy highlander. It currently has a 8 - 10 inch leaf span. I'm really just looking to recoup my costs on this plant. It is an EP hybrid.

N. aristo x ventricosa - $25


I've transitioned this plant to fairly low humidity. It seems to be doing quite well now. I just have more aristo hybrids than I need, honestly.

Feel free to PM on here or shoot me an email at Natch.Greyes@gmail if interested in anything. We can figure out shipping from there.
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