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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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By Ras
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want list
Pinguicula moranensis red rosette (santa catarina juquila oaxaca, mexico) seen here ... 2080-m-15s
P crenatiloba
P planifolia
P involuta
P calyptrata
P titan
p gigantea
I am also looking for sesilifolia with pink flowers ( <--pink, not whiteish pink )
I dont care if its seed or plants
and petiolaris complex seeds or live plants + heatpack

some of what I have for trade

seeds of
D burmannii green/red snap tentacles, hann river kimberley AUS seeds
D admiribilis floating seeds (ID'd flower)
D intermedia roraima seeds
D nidiformis seeds
D tokaiensis seeds
D rotundifolia, butte meadow CA seeds
D lantua island seeds
D burmanni "giant red form", hann river kimberly AUS seeds
D ultramafica x spatulata seeds

young plants of

D ultramafica x spatulata
D regia
D burmannii "giant red form", hann river kimberly AUS
D burmannii 'green' hann river kimberly AUS

D capensis broad leaf

mature plants of
D.paradoxa pink flower
D affinis
D nidiformis
D tokaiensis
D snyderi
D Binata

S leuco 'tarnok'
S leuco

I am also willing to buy
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