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By Dematerialize
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Hello everyone. I'm kind of new in this forum although I've posted in a few others regarding my new Sarracenia and a few Drosera seeds I haven't gotten to germinate yet(it's been a month :( )

I was wondering if anyone had any Drosera seeds or small plants for sale? Since these would be my first plants I was looking for Droseras such as Spatulata or Capensis. Pretty much any Drosera that does NOT need dormancy since I am unsure I'd be able to put them in the fridge or anything similar(not enough space) and I've already had a bad experience with VFTs dying on me when they were going dormant. I live in Georgia if that's any help in any way.

I would also be interested in a bit of live sphagnum moss.

I'm kind of broke right now so my budget's up to $10 via PayPal total.

Thank you very much in advance,


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