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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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By rob
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Has 55+ pitchers and numerous growth points. Originally came from the UK (Scotland); and later, Germany. This plant is many years old and is definitely flowering size. Just coming out of dormancy, and ready to burst into new spring and summer growth. You will never find another Big Boy at this size nor health for sale in the US. The rosette diameter of this plant is about 7 inches for size reference. Even today, this cultivar is rarely available and when it is-it sells out fast. Not to mention they are usually very small plants for sale. Buy it now for 600.00. Local pickup is preferred but I will ship. I am located in the Portland, Or area. Only potted though. Keep in mind though that this 9 inch pot is heavy and thus would greatly increase shipping costs. Shipping costs could be anywhere from 20-40 dollars.


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