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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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By Matt
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I have two fairly large divisions of Triffid Traps available. Price is $15 + $5 shipping.

Triffid Traps is a nice, mostly typical looking, Venus flytrap. According to the originator, t's defining characteristic is a "dense cluster of traps". It is one of the most vigorous flytraps in my collection, growing large quickly and dividing often. It's a nice all-around flytrap.

Quite a few photos can be found here: ... -2435.html

Please send payment via PayPal to and make note of what the money is for. If the money is sent with the "I'm sending money to family or friends" option, that would be much appreciated :)

Please post here if you do want one (or more or all of them) so others have some idea of when the offer is closed.
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By sbrooks
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:mrgreen: I snagged 'em both! :mrgreen:
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