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By cpbobby
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Joined:  Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:42 am
It was offered by BE but I am not sure exactly which number but should look like the following link: ... iana2M.jpg

would love to find one in the us

would also love to find some this MT clones:

-raffesiana kuching squat red

-bical marudi

few ep clones:

-truncata x ovata

-n. tiveyi 'red' but i have heard CA carnivores also did one of these.

-x black dragon

Far as I know this one is either very limited or not in US cultivation yet:

-n. mirabilis 'merah' aka 'indonesian red'

far as i know only best carnivorous plants carries this but:

-n. veitchii x (northiana x veitchii)

lastly far as i know only sunbelle carries this but:

-n bical orange x red

far as non specific nepenthes:

-n.bical orange

-n. campunalata

or feel free to pm me with any other lowlanders you might want to get rid of.

maybe a LL x HL truncata or orange/pink bellii

thanx for looking.
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