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By MNCarnivores216
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I have a nepenthes truncata lowland, but I REALLY REALLY want a Nepenthes Truncata highland (none hybrid none Robcantleyi) since it's easier to grow for me. But they're SSSOOOO hard to find and some I can't even afford, and now I'm completely out of luck trying to find a place to buy this specific plant. :cry: Sarracenia Northwest is sold out for a very long time now, California Carnivores doesn't have any, Petflytrap only has the lowland(which I order from) and CZplant is a hard to get your payment through kind of thing. A young plant for a price under 30 dollars would by nice, but I'm only willing to pay a MAXIMUN of 45 dollars for a 6 inch in diameter plant.

Pictures of my Nepenthes truncata lowland are here


SASE received, thank you!


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