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By normando
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Im looking to trade some nice heliamohora and cephalotus for vft and sarrs but im open to any offer really. I cherish my heli collection and all are very happy terrarium grown plants under bright T-5's and same goes for the cephs. heres the list of species


-H. heteradoxa x minor (mature plant close to 10 yrs old)
-H. heteradoxa x ionasii
-H. ionasii
-H. minor 'Burgandy Black'
-H. minor 'selection 1'
-H. unicata (not sure if this is spelled correctly but its a new species to cultivation and there were only 10 available at Witsuba and some how I got my hands on one!)

I have two Cephs as well, One is from leaf cuttings and was purchased from California Carnivors, the other one is seed grown and purchased through Sarracenia Northwest and is larger than the other w/many large udult size pitchers.

The H. heteradoxa xminor was a 7yr old specimen plant from Sarr northwest and is the largest of the bunch, the rest of the Helis were orderd from Witsuba exotics and all have juvenile pitchers exept for the hetero x ionasii which has one udult pitcher so far with more sprouting up. All are very healthy and are growing surprisingly fast for helis and cephs.

I had to move out of my place very abruptly and was forced to have to store all my CP's and house plants at several different friends places and I am not able to check on my terrariums nearly as much as I would like and although its very painfull to have to let go of these precious gems considering the time and money spent on obtaining them and the immense care that went into growing them I also realize that sometimes you have let things go and since the road ahead is a little uncertain for me I have to force myself to let these prized possessions go and just keep telling myself that this is the best thing to do. So with all that said I realy cant let these guys go for anything less than spectacular specimens or any of the plants iv listed below.

some specific plants im lookn for are;

FTS purple ambush
Dionea flaming lips
pretty much any newish cultivar at jus make me an offer
FTS etna
dionea muscipula 'ginormous' and ginormous x B52, 'gremlin' from California carnivorous
Im looking for some rarer Sarrs as well like;

Any rare Sarracenia from Mike Wang
Any rare Flava cultivars
Any rare purpurea cultivars,
Any rare Leucophila cultivars
S. minor 'Okenfee giant'
Any crazy or saught after rarer hybrids

Im not realy interested in the more common species such as d. capensis, plain sarrs or typical anything for that matter. Im lookin for the cream of the crop, top notch cultivars, new or rare species, or large adult specimen plants of mostly Sarracenia and dionea but will consider other less common plants. sorry if I sound perticuler but the plants im offering are not only some of the most difficult plants to obtain but also the most expensive. Also all of the plants are extremely healthy and vigorous. Because of this id like to get plants or offers of simmiler value or status. thank you for any offers and hope to here from all of you soon!


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