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By Nevermore
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I am (temporarily) taking down my indoor wardian case. I just have too much going on with other plant stuff outdoor cp collection, gardening, family, etc. So down to the basement goes the case for now. I want to sell off the plants before they go downhill from me not tending them as much as i use to. Please note the size of each plant by the quarter placed in each shot.

-- I will ship them bare root wrapped in spag.
-- I can delay shipping for weather reasons as needed (though the DW won't be happy that she won't be getting the bay window back right away).
-- $7 shipping* (Brassavola orchid will be $12)

*I want to make it clear to all who are purchasing the plants, that the cephs and heli had at one time a scale issue last year. I have treated with systemics at that time and I will be bug bombing the entire collect to a last cleaning before they go out. Quarantine them as usual.

CEPHALOTUS - standard variety - These are all from a large mother plant that I divided last year, so they have good root systems and should do much better with more care then I am giving right now.

Ceph A- (4+ growth points)- $35 (SOLD)
Ceph B- (3 growth points) - $25 (SOLD)
Ceph C- (7+ growth points) - $45 (SOLD)
Ceph D- (8-9 growth points. This one was the original crown of the mother plant so it still has the very thick growth points) - $50


Brassavola nodosa - This is a big one... Mounted on grapewood. It could be divided into multiple plants. - $40 (SOLD)
Pleurothallis crinita - This is a mini orchid. Please research required conditions if interested. - $65. (SOLD)
Neofinetia Falcata 1 - (7 growth points) - $20
Neofinetia Falcata 2 - (4 growth points) - $20



NEOFALCATA - A - 7 growth points

NEOFALCATA- B - 4 growth points
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