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By cbennett4041
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I am very fond of the plants I am listing here, but I have multiples of them all and would like to diversify my collection.

First: the orchids. I do not know how much interest there will be in these, but I know there is some overlap in interest. The first is a Cattleya hybrid, but unfortunately I lost the ID tag. I *think* it may be something like 'Volcano Queen.' The second is a Schomburgkia tibicinis. Both have tenacious new growth and will probably flower within a year or two. They are mounted to seven inch logs of persimmon wood.

If you have never grown a mounted orchid they are a piece of cake in my opinion. The two listed like to dry out completely between waterings, so I either dunk or spray them every other day and fertilize weakly weekly with a sprayer. The Schomburgkia especially likes it dry and hardly needs watered at all between November and March. Bright indirect light is best, but they could potentially handle more direct light, though I have never tried it.

Back into more familiar territory, I also have a few spare Venus flytrap 'Maroon Monsters' I am considering trading. These are flowering size, not divisions.

If any of this sounds interesting, I would be open to trading for almost anything carnivorous. I am particularly interested in Sarracenia that I do not grow, namely psittacina and minor and their associated hybrids. I am looking to develop a colony of Darlingtonia, as well, so that would be a good offer. I will be glad to hear any offer, however.

Finally, pictures. First, the Schomburgkia tibicinis.


The Cattleya.


...and the 'Maroon Monsters'

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