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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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By SgtSarracenia
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I really need to make some room available, so I am selling some of my smaller divisions of Sarracenia. They will be shipped bare root. They are $8 each plus shipping or take the last 6 for $40 shipped. I can fit 5-6 in a sml flat rate box. I would be more than happy to combine shipping. Either PM me or post here. I accept PayPal only and can ship the next day, sometimes even the same day depending upon when payment is received. Only US sales please. Open for trades for anything other than Utrics.

S. Lady Bug (3 available)

S. gilpini (1 available)

S. mineophilla (SOLD OUT)

S. Daina's Delight (2 available)
S. mitchelliana (SOLD OUT)
S. flava Coppertop (SOLD OUT)
S. psittacina (SOLD OUT)

I also have a few Neps for sale as well. The N. Judith Finn will most likely need to be shipped in a Large Flat Rate Box. These too would be shipped bare root and wrapped in LFS.

N. ventrata SOLD

N. ventrata SOLD

N. ventrata SOLD

N. x Judith Finn SOLD

Thanks for looking
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