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By CPgrower
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Hey, all! I have a few N. ventrata (sold in stores at alata) for sale. These are cuttings that have rooted and been growing for about 6 months or so. Just re-potted with fresh bark and sphagnum. The two smaller were potted into small pots for travel. The larger is in a size suitable for growing. Shipping will be calculated once address is received and plant is packaged. Then final cost will be sent to buyer for payment! Prices below are for plant in pots (no shipping added yet).

PM if you are interested! :D

Large (12" from bottom of pot to top of plant; three growth heads)...$25

Small #1 (8" from bottom of pot to top of plant; one large growth head, one small starting at base)...$10

Small #2 (8" from bottomw of pot to top of plant; two large growth heads off of one stem)...#15

Received, Thank you!

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