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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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By Goodkoalie
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I really want the game minecraft but my mom told me that for this, i have to earn it myself. Becuase i do not have a paypal, you will need to send me the money in the mail. Shipping is $4.00 for a padded envelope or $6.00 for a box. I will include free plants as well. :D Please pm me or reply here. So here i am:

  • S. alata-greenewood co. MS (large flowering size plant)-$10.00
    S. leucophylla (from california carnivores), large, flowering size plant-$10.00
    3x S. 'judith hindle' (smaller division)-$5.00
    S. 'Wilkerson's red' F2 (medium size division)-$10.00
    S. 'dana's delight' (smaller size division)-$5.00
other plants
2 garlic (large plants, should be harvested this year)-$3.00 for 1, $5.00 for 2
6 Strawberry plants(already fruiting)- $2.00 for 1, $5 for 3, $10.00 for 6
2 English daisy(large clump)-$3.00 each

The 'mardi gras' I am dividing

mIKE WANG'S mardi gras pic ... 7.jpg.html
S. dana's delight'

S. 'Wilkerson's red' that I am dividing into 2

S. judith hindle:

The S. leucophylla:

S. alata- greene wood co. missippii (picture not mine, taken by SDCP last year)
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