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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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By CPBlake
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I am an adjunct botany instructor and care taker of all the CP's at Weber State University in Utah. I am looking to get seed of several species so we can germinate them in vitro in hopes of producing enough plants for research. I am also looking for some N. Amer. sundew (particularly D. filiformis). I recently received some Sarracenia for a minibog from meizzwang and now I would like to get some native drosera to go with it. The eventual goal is to have a self sustaining collection of N. Amer. natives to use for research and teaching in the classroom.

Update. I just need seeds now. Thanks

1. Dionaea muscipula
2. Darlingtonia
3. Sarracenia sp.
4. Any Drosera
5. Any Nepenthes

Any other CP seeds.

I am looking to buy but I also have some P. 'aphrodite' flowering size available for trade. I also have some unidentified Nep hybrids available.


Blake Wellard
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