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By cpbobby
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Joined:  Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:42 am
After much deliberation I have decided to replace this particular nepenthes in my limited collection. If I had more room available I would keep it but there are so many other neps I would rather have also I have a n i g r o gracilis x mirabilis that will pretty much look like this gracilis except for a minor difference in the shape of the pitcher and coloring.

I am only looking for nepenthes and only lowland nepenthes or nepenthes that can be comfortably grown in a lowland environment. an example would be a a recent addition i have gotten of a HL x LL veitchii that grows well as a lowlander.

only exception would be something I could acclimate as a houseplant but it would have to really catch my eye.....i already have a miranda and a ventrata x dubia.

as mentioned in the title it has a basal already growing to help increase it's trading potential.

This particular specimen looks to be exquisite, it seems to be coloring up rather quickly as well as making a basal already.

nothing that is already on my growlist except for my northiana(exception would be a different variant of what i have i.e. bical orange)....would like one a little bigger than the one i have but realistically unlikely for a gracilis i am sure.

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