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By markus13
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The N. truncata is in stock at a carnivorous plant store Carnivores for $13 unpotted and $16 potted. You can also get it from a carnivorous plant store on E-bay in an auction, but I don't think he list's plants until sunday or monday and the starting bid is around $10.00.
By SEWinans
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BoothEatsBUGS wrote:They're so expensive.
Maybe initially but when they're happy they reproduce. I've attached pictures of my P. Jaumavensis and my P. Cylosectas. I haven't taken any leaf pullings (on purpose)from them though there are a couple of leaves in the jaumavensis pot right now that accidentally fell off when I repotted it. They grow baby plants from underneath themselves and when they're big enough I separate them. Also taking leaf pullings from Mexican pings, in my experience, is pretty easy with a fairly high success rate :)

Also, every once in a while there are some interesting pinguicula on eBay.
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By BoothEatsBUGS
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I have had zero luck with ping leaf pullings. The only method I haven't tried is floating them in water, and that worked perfectly for my dews, I had nearly 100% success, the only exception being my capensis cuttings.

I dont remember which sar I ordered, and it's not appearing on my receipt lol Ill let you know the specific breed when I get it but it was basically a S. Flava x Purpurea.
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