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By Spooky1
Posts:  11
Joined:  Sun Oct 21, 2012 6:13 am
I'm only posting this on two forums so it doesn't become tedious for multiple forum members:
Any N. hamata, macrophylla or edwardsiana seeds around, I don't mind going the snail route to save some cash. It hasn't become an obsession yet but could with OCD working in the background. Maybe even small plants? I have been carrying the nickname "Spooky" since I was a kid so it seems appropriate that I should have some wickedly spooky looking Nepenthes.
By RL7836
Posts:  188
Joined:  Tue May 18, 2010 2:56 pm
Any seeds that you find listed as any of these three species are likely:

- poached from the wild
- some other species
- not viable

I don't think that any of them have had both male & female flowers in captivity - especially within a similar timeframe.
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By Ae9803
Posts:  532
Joined:  Mon Mar 08, 2010 2:55 am
On top of that, its going to be super extremely rare for you to obtain any of those seeds. And normally they sale more than just a few dollars.
By Spooky1
Posts:  11
Joined:  Sun Oct 21, 2012 6:13 am
Did I mention that I have a Dionaea, it's plain and ordinary but still fun?
On acquiring anything you never know until you ask, I found reasonably priced seedling N. hamata's at a Drosera gemmae store and bought 2 and had I been there last spring could have acquired seedling edwardsiana's. He also has a seedling macrophylla now but I am out of $$$ for now. The first hamata arrived last week and definately is a hamata and that is why I grabbed another. I changed my position about acquiring seeds of the harder to get species because of how fragile they are. I have more than a thousand Nep seeds of 10 different species in germination units right now due to start sprouting any day but who knows how old they were when I received them.
I live alone and my kids are grown and being retired I can pursue my obsessions without hindrance. Not picking on marriage but I would rather have my hobbies and toys than a warm body to reel me in.
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