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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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By Matt
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I have somewhere around 25 baby Bohemian Garnet flytraps that I'd prefer not to repot :) This is a great opportunity for someone to add a lot of Bohemian Garnets to their collection at a rock bottom price!
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If anyone is interested in purchasing these babies, please send payment for $20 ($15 for the plants and $5 shipping) via PayPal to Please include your name and address and as a note along with the payment and make the subject of the payment "Bohemian Garnets." If you have a pending order that you expect to ship today and I'm shipping the order, I will add these to your order for $15 (no need for the additional $5 for shipping).

I will post back and close this thread once the babies are sold.

Additionally we just put a very nice mature Fine Tooth x Red in stock in the store: ... x-red.html

FTS mature plants are fairly hard to come by, so if you've been wanting this clone, this is a great opportunity to get it.

Thanks for looking!

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