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By DroseraBug
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Joined:  Sat Mar 26, 2011 9:29 pm
I would consider carnvivorous plant poaching the removal of carnviorous plants from their wild habitats for profit. That is my opinion, though with non-listed T&E species or otherwise protected species this may not be the opinion of others. Some pitcher plants are not listed by the government as threatened, endangered etc. and removal of the non-listed plants may not have legal consequences. This is why you write your local congress. However, this is an ethical battle. I vote for cp nurseries who grow plants that have been in cultivation for a long time and their offspring, whether it be species, hybrids, or cultivars. Hopefully, learning proper cultivation, propagation, ang growing techniques from forums, books, and other websites such as this will educated and help to limit poaching. I'm not saying your poaching but I agree with RL...., the origin sounds "fishy.

Also, I'm sure plants are removed for needed research purposes (which you seem to mention) or if said plants are going to be wiped out by development and permission is granted to remove them for transplantation. Nonprofit organizations or University research (i.e. ICPS, NASC and others) do research and conservation projects that are needed and have pertinent reasons for plant removal with permission and following the various government regulations.

Sorry to get into this topic alabama but I agree that the origin of plants mentioned for sale above sound fishy or we are misunderstanding the point due to miscommunication.
By rhys1234
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Dubstep13 wrote:if you take a plant out of its natural habitat take it home and then even give it away to some one eles thats poaching. right?
no. poching is doing that ilegally. he is doing is for the enviorment. he plants hundreds of seeds every year and so, he takes like 1 or 2 out in that year to see how there doing. HE HAS A LICENSE TO DO THAT!!!

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