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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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By RL7836
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****** Closed ******

Thanks to everyone who expressed an interest!


A package containing the following species will be mailed this Saturday to someone:

- U. livida
- U. graminifolia
- U. nephrophylla (very vigorous clone)
- U. bisquamata 'Betty's Bay' (confirmed by flower - from BCP)
- U. bisquamata 'Betty's Bay' (not confirmed by flower - origin unknown)
- U. warburgii, Zhejiang, SE China (from BCP)
- U. pubescens - Serra Caraca, Minas Gerais, Brazil (from BCP)
- U. blanchetii - white flower, Chapada do Diamantina, Minas Gerais, Brazil
- U. sandersonii "blue"
- U. tricolor
- U. welwitschii (from BCP)
- U. uniflora
- U. humboldtii
- U. nelumbifolia
- U. reniformis "small form" (contaminated with another utric - easy to propagate from a leaf)

Person selected will receive a portion of the above species, some of which will be overgrown with moss (but there should be plenty of material with which to start a new pot).

- Postage is expected to be $8-12. The actual amount will be Paypal-ed to me on or before receipt of package.
- USA only
- Notice that this is not 1st come, 1st served - although I do need info by Fri evening (for Sat AM shipping)
- Pics of flowers from most of these are in my growlist.
- I expect to see giveaways (for postage) here on FTC (I am getting concerned because I've done lots of giveaways and rarely do I see the recipients doing any giveaways with the plants they received - this is a requirement of this posting. If you do not plan to giveaway pieces of these plants on FlyTrapCare Forums within 0-6 months - do not participate).
If interested, please send me an email (not PM) to:


With your name, forum name & address. Also give me some clue why you should be selected.
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By Shimizoki
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Very cool, I'm not interested in these plants... however its nice to see people willing to give away some. If there were more people doing this, the newbies in the forum would have a lot easier time.
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