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By Matt
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Nats wrote:How does that work, the grit size I mean?
Is the larger number the bigger grains, or is it the other way around? :? :oops:
It's just like sand paper. The larger the number, the smaller the grain. So 30 grit is the smallest and 12 grit is the largest.
jamez wrote:I think most people want silica sand JUST BECAUSE it's just another ingredient people talk about. Perlite and silica sand are just as equal in my expereince.
Not in mine. I used to grow my plants in 50:50 peat and perlite. I switched to 50:30:20 peat:silica sand: perlite and there was a noticeable difference in the health and size of the root systems on my plants. The sand tends to break the peat up better, not float and it also adds weight to the pot so that it doesn't blow or tip over as easily.

That being said, a 50:50 mix of peat and perlite (by volume) works very well.
By David F
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Grit is easy to think of in measure.

visualize you have a 1 inch by one inch square, however many grains of whatever it is fit on that surface, say it was 200 silica fragments, it would be 200, or probably 20 grit. Thats not the measurement for silica, but yes, they fewer grit, the bigger the grain size.

And on perlite, I must admit that I hate it, if I'm flushing mediums, or watering by any method, the stupid stuff floats to the top, and its a pain to remix the stuff. It also looks a little silly all on the top like that. Plus it is very very cheap, and looks nice as a top cover (very small amoutns of course) you can also use it as a staging for seedlings, which provides contrast, and reflects light, it is also easy to tell if it is wet or dry.

So far I don't like perlite, when compared to silica sand, however I do find it more convenient.
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