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By CPfanatic
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I know there are some here who grow plants other than carnivores, so I thought you might be interested in these. My aunt stopped by yesterday, and gave me a bunch of succulent species plants! By a bunch, I mean a whole flat. So I am keeping a few, but need to sell the rest. Since I am selling, I might as well see if anyone is interested in my other extras, so here we go...


These are some cuttings from my Epicactus mother plants. These are tropical cactus, so treat them like orchids (humidity, air movement, phalaenopsis-like light) with the exception that you can let them get a little dryer. The cuttings are as follows, clockwise from top left:
Cryptocereus anthonyanus, Epiphyllum 'Callipso', Rhipsalidopsis 'Sirius', Rhipsalis (Hatiora) gaertneri
Here are some pics of the blooms in that same order...
$20 priority shipping included for all four

And last but not least, this plant was a freebie that was included in an order I place a while back. It is Haworthia lanceolata variegata. It is supposed to have heavy yellow variegation, but it needs higher light. This plant is putting on four or five new growths as we speak, so it's prolific.
$10 shipping included.

Send me a P.M. with questions or to reserve a plant. I accept check or money order.

Thanks! SASE will be mailed out tomorrow.

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