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By SaucerfulOfSecrets
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Hey everyone,

I am pretty sure I have a successful vft propagation that I had earlier completely written off as a failure. This plant is a rescue from my local Lowe's, and it was in really bad shape. Super long, light starved leaves with most of them dead. I repotted it and split it up. During this process, one of the leaves was separated from the plant with some of the white rhizome still intact. I decided to call it a leaf pulling and try to propagate it :lol: Eventually, heavy winds during a storm snapped my pulling off and I called it a failure, about a month ago. However to my surprise today, I can see a little baby leave emerging from the peat where the pulling once was! I guess the rhizome underneath the soil was still in tact? Anyways, here's to fly traps being so hardy! :D
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