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By ChefDean
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It looks like (about $3 USD) and (about $7 USD) both have seeds for them, but I'm not sure about them shipping to the US.
I recall reading somewhere that shipping seeds internationally is relatively allowed and ignored, but the plants themselves are highly regulated. I may be wrong on that, so don't take it as gospel.
However, while they are offering seeds, they don't say whether the seeds are selfed or OP. But that really doesn't matter. The plants grown from those seeds may look like "Patches" but aren't officially that cultivar because they're seed grown. Or they could look completely different due to the genetics of that particular seed.
By Tigerscott79
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Yea that's true . Why I am searching us only so no shipping issues and also the seeds being jot true cultivar sadly. But still apreciate info I had seen the one place but not the other. Hopefully I can get couple strikes or small division from someone but idk atm looks hard to find.

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