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By Tigerscott79
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Joined:  Wed Jun 10, 2020 4:14 pm
Read recently that Vft cultivar cheerleader or pompom as matured through the season loses its unique spikes and becomes quite normal/typical and that st.patricks beard is from its tissue culture of cheerleader but mutated . Question is does st. P.b. lose its uniqueness like its forefather cheerleader or is it stable mostly throughout the growing season. Wont lie really love st. Patrick's beads looks but is important to me if retains its looks or changes like cheerleader/pompom

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By Matt
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I don't know for sure if St. Patrick's Beard also reverts to a normal looking flytrap or not. I had one but didn't grow it very long before it went dormant and Leah thought the pot was empty (it was just all below the surface, but still alive) and put it in the compost pile. :cry:

I'm not sure that many others have grown it so you probably won't get many responses to this question.

Alright thanks

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