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By Artchic528
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Panman wrote:It's not thing to make it if you can't get it more light.
Yup. If you can't get it more light, it'll just remain weak and anemic and eventually what little energy it has will peter out and it'll die.
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By Joshuamarshall792
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Okay so today it's gonna go in my window with extra light, if not I'll put it in a pot hidden somewhere where my brothers haven't discovered yet, I have many places! Heheh..... They won't find it or be able to reach it! Hopefully it grows more soon, I'm sorry, me, the 16 year old been setting up a 1,000 gallon pool with a pain in the a** filter which I finally fixed, we found a leveled part of our yard, I put the filter on the non- leveled part to where a proper siphon would work, now it filters the pool, and now I have to find the air leak my brothers decided to bite into, their teeth are so small, it makes it hard for me to find it and patch it! So yup that's what I've been dealing with

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