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By Joshuamarshall792
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Joined:  Sun Sep 16, 2018 10:55 pm
My king Henry got a haircut 2 weeks ago and I made sure to make it a bare rhizome except for the new growth that hasn't popped up yet! So anyways that new growth was teeny tiny but I'm shocked how vigorous this plant has been to me, it was out in full sun getting lotsa outdoors time but right now it's very windy and is pouring so I had to bring it in, so no damage occurs, because all my plants got flooded last night in my garden, my oaks got killed because how bad the storm was, the oaks got snapped very quick! Once I saw bad things on the radar I brought my plant in, but anyways it has a lot of new growth, even a brand new trap forming, and another one about to do the same, I got 4 more heads up and out of the rhizome I want to thank mike and his giveaway! For what he gave me, I mean this thing has a healthy huge rhizome and a large root system! I named her pearl |

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By MikeB
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Joshuamarshall792 wrote: Mon May 25, 2020 4:58 pmMy king Henry got a haircut 2 weeks ago and I made sure to make it a bare rhizome except for the new growth that hasn't popped up yet!
By "haircut", did you mean "cut off the dead leaves" or "cut off all leaves"? If a leaf is still green, then it is still producing food for the plant via photosynthesis. Cutting off the green leaves before they die is actually impeding the growth of your plant.
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By Matt
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Joshuamarshall792 wrote:They were all droopy and useless, they didn't even close!
They might have been useless for catching insects, but that is their secondary function. Leaves and traps on Venus flytraps provide most of the energy to the plant through photosynthesis. By cutting off all of the leaves, you essentially took away all of the source of energy for the plant and forced it to use its energy stores in the rhizome. This is taxing for a plant to do and, if done too often, will lead to the plant not growing back.

It is never a good idea to cut off anything on any Venus flytrap that is green.
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By sanguinearocks101
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He means that it was very unnecessary to cut all the leaves off. They would have still provided energy to the plant and the vft could take the nutrients from them if they died.
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By DragonsEye
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A yellow leaf you can cut off. Where you understanding seems to be lacking, Joshua, is in the function of the leaves. Insects and other prey items are merely "fertilizer" in a form the plants can readily use. As with any "normal" plant, vft's produce their own food via photosynthesis -- and for that they need their living green leaves. Even if the trap itself is dead/useless, as long as the rest of the leave is green (though, yes, so cultivars turn red in strong sun but that is a more indepth conversation for another time) and alive, it is still serving the very useful function of manufacturing food for the plant.

Glad to hear you plant is doing so well!
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By Joshuamarshall792
Posts:  474
Joined:  Sun Sep 16, 2018 10:55 pm
Thank you, my brothers have been trying to knock it over on purpose outside, my parents told me to put it in my room or else they can do whatever they want to it, I got very raged and my room is very dehumidified it is about 35% humidity and it is 70 °f every day so I put it in a open terrarium so I can get some humidity and still keep it inside without anything happening to it, my plant is still thriving but my brothers are asking " where is your fly trap?" I tell them "it's gone! I put it outside where you can't find it..... " So now I'm on the wanted list according to them, so I need to keep it indoors in my north facing window, because that's the only window I have! My grow light started sparking and lit into flames!!! So I have just a normal LED bulb with no plastic protection cover..... So yeah that's my conditions

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