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By Cross
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Joined:  Fri Oct 26, 2018 11:25 pm
Dear Matt and Leah,
I placed an order today and found that they had the 25 babies for $25.00. Thanks for having such a great deal. I'm hoping it will have a few cultivars to replace what I lost in the freeze. But i'm blown away by such a deal. Thank you for being the number one flytrap dealer. And thanks for making this mandatory quarantine a little less painful.
Happy Spring,

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By Matt
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Hey Christine! Lucky you for snagging one of the bargain bundles that we rarely offer!

They won't be named cultivars, but they will have some genetic variation to them. These are babies that I grew from seeds over the years but they were never named. I am glad that they have finally found a great forever home! :D

Thanks for the nice feedback on the FlytrapStore. We are super busy this month and are grateful to our community for supporting us through this crisis. These uncertain times are challenging for most people but we hope that our carnivorous plant growing friends are finding some comfort in their hobby. I know I really appreciate being able to look at my big pots full of flytraps every day. Their natural beauty does a great job of taking my mind off the current situation and making me very grateful to have the ability to cultivate such wonderful plants!

Happy spring and good growing!!
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